Skyline Pacific Properties works regularly with the private equity community to facilitate transactions that involve a real estate component. Whatever the stage of the transaction you are considering, we will deliver a prompt and thorough real estate valuation with no financing contingencies and a close that coincides with your timeline.

Improving Private Equity Returns Across the Fund Spectrum

When a pending acquisition target holds significant real estate assets, the advantages of financing the transaction with sale-leaseback proceeds can be significant. This is a natural consequence of the different methods the finance industry and the real estate industry employ to value real estate assets.

From both the buy-side and sell-side, Skyline Pacific Properties works with investment bankers seeking to optimally structure transactions for their clients. Skyline Pacifc Properties will deliver a real estate alternative that adds flexibility to the alternatives you present to your clients.

Helping Investment Bankers Serve Their Clients

Whether real estate is held within a corporation or in a separate entity, proceeds to the Seller are often maximized by selling the real estate and operating business in separate transactions. From the Buyer’s perspective, the equity requirement for the transaction is often reduced.

Whether you are a CEO seeking liquidity to enhance operations or a CFO seeking Balance Sheet enhancement, we are prepared to craft a financing package that meets your requirements.

Maximizing Return on Equity for CFO’s & Management

Equity “trapped” in real estate assets typically underperforms the cost of capital for the company’s core business. Redeploying equity invested in real estate assets into the company’s core business or to finance growth can be an attractive alternative to traditional borrowing. Proceeds from a sale-leaseback can also be used to pay down higher rate existing debt.

Skyline Pacific Properties can assist those seeking growth, capital, and liquidity.

Providing Growth Capital and Liquidity for Franchisees & Business Owners

Skyline Pacific Properties has a well established track record of providing growth capital and liquidity to franchisees and business owners. We will competitively finance new stores and facilities and provide liquidity and growth capital for existing ones.

If you are interested in evaluating the fair market value of your company’s real estate assets or seek to develop new sites and facilities, contact us for a prompt valuation and proposal.


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